Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Our Easter Tree

Our Easter Tree

After Mothering Sunday it is nice to start getting ready for Easter. Being practising Catholics, the Easter season is quite important to us. The period of Lent starts us off and by now I am well and truly craving the chocolate and bread I gave up, only a few more weeks though and I will be able to be thankful for just how easy it is for us to enjoy these simple foods.

Part of our getting ready process is preparing the house. It's a bit like Christmas really; getting ready for the celebration. This last week I made our Easter tree which is something that I did as a child also.

Raph and I made some clay egg decorations by simply stamping the word 'egg' into wet clay and using a hand squished round cookie cutter in the shape of an egg. It was the same process as our Mother's Day Hearts (See HERE).
I painted them in Annie Sloan's Louis Blue as I had a tester pot on the shelves and didn't want to spend money buying more. I was inspired by some duck eggs we had in the week that were just so blue.

I love using fresh pussy willow for our branches. You can obviously use any kind of branch. You could paint them white or have them natural. I love pussy willow though so I got a bunch from our flower shop.

I actually have it in a jam jar inside the jug so that the branches place close together, otherwise they spread out too wide. I have also hung some gorgeous little porcelain flower bells on which I got from our flower shop. They look beautiful next to the blue eggs.

With our Lindt bunny family out (we get every year) and some fresh flowers, the mantle is ready for the coming Easter celebration.

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