Friday, 13 March 2015

Why I Love Champagne!

Why I Love Champagne!

It does seem funny coming from the girl who hardly drinks alcohol that she has been bringing lots of Champagne into the house.
As part of my constant strive for having a pretty home I decided that our kitchen could do with a bit of decoration.
Our whole downstairs is very open plan with the kitchen separated by a wall to the rest of the house. It does however have a huge window in it so you can look through and be part of everything still.
A few weeks ago I shared a post about where I get all of our wooden letters that we use around the house. A specific seller on ebay has always done us proud and I have purchased all my letters from them. Read about that post HERE.
I wanted to put something in the kitchen but didn't want to spell out the usual 'EAT' or 'BAKE'. I wanted something that I knew I wouldn't see anywhere else and whilst thinking of that and trying to have something really individual; I came came up with 'Champagne'. I sent off for the letters and had the perfect place to put them.
I knew I wanted to make them look a bit like old pub letters so i also bought some silver leaf. After painting them black I applied the leaf following the instructions and using the proper paste. The final results are amazing!

To match my new letters I have also recently bought these individual letter mugs from Matalan spelling out champagne also. They look really great and now I am debating getting 'Drink' in the mugs as they are only £2 each!

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