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#betterwithbrita - Water Recipe No.1

#betterwithbrita - Water Recipe No.1

You will remember that last month I purchased and blogged about my new Brita 'Fill and Go' water bottle (read post HERE). I bought this to encourage me to drink more water as I was aware that I was very dehydrated.
Skip forward a few weeks and we now have a Brita 'Marella' jug that was given to us by the team at Brita and we have been asked to come up with recipe ideas to encourage their campaign of making life 'Better with Brita'. 
After coming up with a range of fruity water ideas for the 'Fill and Go' bottle, we were happy to try larger versions in the 'Marella' jug.
I have got so much better at drinking more. Some days are still bad though and at 5pm I will suddenly realise that I haven't had any, but I do try and remember to have a glass instead of having a cup of tea. 
I have decided that we will share one recipe per post so as not to bombard you with ideas. 

Our first recipe is lemon, strawberry and fresh mint infused water.

The great thing about the Marella jug is that you can take off the lid and the filter compartment and have an open jug to fill with fresh ingredients. This makes making your own flavoured water really easy. 

For this I simply sliced up the lemons and strawberries and ripped some fresh mint leaves and popped it in the empty jug. I then replaced the filter compartment, filled it up and popped it in the fridge. After leaving it to infuse for just half an hour you could already taste the fresh mint. The strawberry gave it a soft sweet flavour then there was a hint of zing from the lemon. This was really drinkable and tasted so fresh. It also looks lovely and colourful in the jug making the kids automatically interested in what it was. This was a great way to encourage them to have a beaker of this rather than their usual juice. And with recent studies of young children having high levels of tooth decay I am being a lot more concious of their intake of juice. 

Our first example of how to use your Marella jug will hopefully leave you feeling hydrated and ready for more. I am finding myself reaching into the fridge for some icy cold water a lot more than I was!

If you want to purchase a Marella jug to try your own recipes click HERE.

Look out for next post on #betterwithbrita!

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