Monday, 9 March 2015

Rustic Living

Rustic Living

I have always had a passion for a more rustic looking home. I love the shabby chic fashions that float around but I also love clean soft colours against old reclaimed items for the more french looking homes. I Love the french style of pretty much everything, and french homes inspire my styling a lot. The rusticness of an old item kept old and placed against clean white walls and styled against soft colours is something that I try and show in our home. As a couple, Rob and I have reclaimed many items to put into our house. Whether it is a dining table made out of his parents' floorboards or a toy box made out of an old bakery box; we love the stories that could be behind the items. And we love carrying on the stories through our own uses of the items.

The window frame that I have hung on the wall was saved from builders destroying them one day. When I was in the shop I could here all of this glass being smashed. Looking out I saw some builders removing old sash windows from the building next to us and smashing them up to take to the tip. Who knows what they thought when I asked them If I could have them instead, They ended up bringing four huge frames into the shop for me. I have always wanted to put mirrored glass in them but at the time and having just finished the extension, it was going to be quite expensive. So one day I will but I love it as it is for now.
My mirrored window in front was bought from an antiques fair. It cost me £25 which I was happy to pay and the frame alone was so old and amazing; love it here in the side board. I will put it on a wall one day, but I am used to it here right now.

Our newest piece, which prompted me to write this post was our old scaffolders' ladder. This was a little steal actually as I found it a few years ago in my parents garage and we took it into the flower shop to use to hang stock from. It looks great in there but through the year it looses its use due to different ways of displaying things. At the weekend, I was uber cheeky and took it home! It had been sat out the back for ages and we had not used it in a few months so I thought I would put it in my house until it was needed again (which is hopefully never!) I have used it to store our blankets. As spring approaches I wanted to get the blankets off the chairs and sofa but not away as I do love having a blanket snuggle with Rob and the kids! This seemed like a perfect solution and brings something new (well, old) into the house.

I love how this area looks at the moment. It makes a nice feature wall in our open living area and shows off some lovely rustic pieces. 

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