Wednesday, 29 March 2017

She's Growing In Simple Denim {Giulietta} #Stealmystyle

I love sharing this little one's fashion stories. In fact it is strange looking back at these pictures; she looks huge. Like a different child. In fact, even looking at the size of her feet made me double take. This week in particular I think babies have been on my brain. I changed our spare room and took down the baby cot and Etta has been talking about all things baby related. It has been a bit strange really and I suppose seeing these pictures really confirmed that she is not a baby anymore. I have always regarded Raph as older and suddenly it's strange putting her in the same category as that. She is older. Her sentences are almost fully formed. She seems really clever and I am still thinking of her as a baby. Oh it's crazy. This year is going to be a big year also as she will turn 4 on the 28th of August and will start school a week later. That really is crazy! 
I picked up this little outfit from NEXT just recently and had actually spotted the dress a good few weeks ago but it was never available in Etta's size. I just thought it was a perfect casual dress and well, I have spoken about my love for denim before! With the uber frilled t-shirt at is a great little outfit for now and without tights in the summer!



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