Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Hello there!

Well I suppose we should start with a big "HELLO" from us all. This blog is a bit of a new adventure for us! My husband and I decided that we should start blogging as an entertainment piece for people who enjoy all things creative. We have strong passions in fashion, food, home decor, building, family life, parenting, Catholicism, learning, entertaining and  discovering that most possibilities are possible!
The four of us seem to bundle through life by throwing and picking up toys. It can be mad but most evenings Rob and I can sit on the sofa and enjoy spending time together while 2 children are fast asleep in bed.
What we hope to show you is our way of life, our makings, our trials and just how we do things. Some of it may inspire you, some of it will make you laugh. Hopefully you will enjoy what we put up and use it in your life somehow.

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