Thursday, 22 May 2014

Water fun!

So this is the only water toy you need for this summer! I popped to our local - has loads of random things really cheap - corner shop today, and bought 4 plant water sprayers. I wanted to get them for us to use to have water fights in the garden. Don't laugh, these are great! They squirt water for about 4-5 meters and take ages to run out! I hate the filling up process of water guns and when kids cry because they spray to hard or they can't pull the trigger. Raphael couldn't of found these easier. He ran around for ages with our neighbour squirting each other over the garden fence. He found them so easy!
So get to any garden shop of mini mart and grab some. Mine cost £1 per bottle and I got 4. If you want to be super savvy though, you could always rinse out you Detox or Mr Muscle really well and then use one of them. 
Can't wait for Rob to get home, think Raph and I will wait in the garden!

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