Wednesday, 21 May 2014

What to do when the kids are asleep

What parent doesn't love that break in the day when the kids are napping? If  I am struggling with getting clothes in the wash or a pile of pots has appeared on the side, I love to have the opportunity to get these done with no interruptions. In a way it can be quite calming to just take myself off and sort these bits out. Another thing I love to do is just browse the internet looking at news, shopping or Pintrest.
Rob is a fan of doing anything handy, grass cutting, making something, measuring something or just staring and thinking of the next/ current project.
I guess its just a time for you to have adult mind space instead of the "Mum/Dad" shouts. That time is when you can just get that fresh cup of tea because you haven't been able to finish one all day.  Or you can put your feet up and eat that chocolate bar that you don't want to share.
It might be just an hour or half an hour, or if your are me 20 minutes sometimes, but as the song goes, Silence is golden!

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