Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Bank Holiday Gardening

We had a good gardening day this bank holiday. The weather wasn't bright sunshine but it wasn't cold either.
Rob has spent a bit of time making me raised beds to grow flowers in. We always had a plot at the side of the garden running down the path but it was always a bit messy as it wasn't contained. So Rob built a brick wall around it and we filled it with more dirt. I have not been very green fingered though and have let it grow over with weeds so I decided it was time to take action.
The thing with weeds is that they can be so rooted it takes a lot of work to get them out. You can go and buy sprays and special weed killers but I didn't fancy a shop run on a Bank holiday so I just put my gloves on and got dirty!

I started at one end and worked my way down. Half way down we have a rhubarb patch that has been there since before we moved in and it produces so much fruit so I cut a batch of that. Its always nice getting your own food produce.

2 years ago I also planted a batch of lavender to make a bush which has taken well and is growing so I just had to de-weed around that.
At the back, running along our neighbours fence we used old house roof tiles to line the plot so the dirt doest trickle through. These are great as they slot into each other leaving no gaps. They are also good as any kind of stone absorbs the suns heat and helps keep the soil warmer for plants to grow. We had already placed half in so Rob finished it off for me.

Once I had finished weeding I raked the soil well and spread it evenly over the plot. I also sprinkled some compost over and raked that in just to help make it a bit more fertile.

Now all thats left is for Rob to put some quarry tiles on top of the brick work to make a smart ledge and for me to fill it with plants!


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