Saturday, 24 May 2014

How I Like to Dress

How to dress like a mum, but keep it fun!

It has been an image in my head. From where; I do not know but I have never wanted to look 'Mumsy'. What is this term? Where has it come from?
I always have liked getting dressed on a morning. Never loathed it. Loved it. But as I have grown into my role as a mum my fashion sense has changed.
Unfortunately you can't wear heels every day when you are running around after a 2 year old, it's just not practical!
I don't buy fashion magazines any more. I love them but it makes me so critical of myself. I find I just look into what's new in store and get the vibe from that.
I love shopping. I try to make my wardrobe last though buy buying better quality stuff and less of it, I have learnt as I have got older, I'd rather spend the money and have less but have it for a lot longer! Don't get me wrong though, Primark is still great for staple pieces!
I think there are lots of things that a young mum can wear and still feel like the vivacious girl they are meant to be!
 Obviously too much flesh is something that needs to be addressed. I am all for skirts and adore the midi skirt. An Under the knee skirt is your best friend. It is a classic style and doesn't give too much away! Minis are fun, but for me the 2 pairs of ultra black tights I would put on with them are a necessity!! Not a fan of bareing my legs too much! I live by the 'chest OR legs' theory. Only ONE should be emphasised at one time! And really for me, its the calfs anyway as my skirt of choice is definitely a midi!
The top half of my body doesn't often give too much away. I Don't mind showing my back but I am not a massive fan of flaunting the chest. Girls need to think with a straight head. If you think it's too much, it probably is.
As a mum, my day-wear I try to keep fresh and easy. I use key fashion pieces to try and keep up to date. I find a good jacket can be matched with old jeans and a tee and turned into something modern and trendy. Who doesn't like a good jacket!?
I also try not to buy the most statement thing in the shop! There are always the new and most out there pieces but I take a step back and get something close to the style, but something that you won't notice is 'old' when you wear it next year! That is important! To keep your wardrobe fresh, its good to just buy a few bits to take you into the next season. At the moment for me, it's light jackets and sandals. I have loads of trousers, skirts, dresses... well everything really but to update, you just need a few key bits. Jewellery is also great for updating, that new bright statement necklace will shine off that plain white tee!
So for me, I make sure I steer away from frumpy and plain and go for silhouette making items that keeps me feeling good.
Here are a few new buys from this month to help me along.

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