Sunday, 18 May 2014

Pizza Party!

Family meals are fun, impromptu family meals are often a mad dash but work out brilliantly. It's been so hot today so Rob and I got my family around for a pizza party. It was a really magical dinner. My sister has recently got engaged and she had been dress shopping with mum and her mother in law to be. They were full of so much excitement as she had found her dress. Anyone who has been in this situation will know this feeling; pure ecstasy of love and emotions, knowing that this is the dress, that moment you put it on and just know.
All of the female side of the family were very excited by this. It really set the evening off nicely. 
My youngest brother Gabriel is 11. Raph adores him. Whenever we tell him that we will be seeing grandma, he always asks, "and Gabe?" It is so nice having an older role model for Raph. They play all kinds of games and just spend time together. I am sure Gabriel gets fed up but he doesn't let it show.
My other siblings adore Raph also. He always has someone ready to give him attention if he needs it.
 This makes my life so much easier if we are with them. 

While Raph was being entertained by someone and I was prepping the toppings outside, the boys were tending to the fire, getting the oven nice and hot.  
The first thing that went in for cooking was a tray of sausages and some steak. My Dad decided to go quite gourmet-Italian and he made some delicious appetisers. 
He made a Carpachio type steak and rocket dish which was so simple and so unbelievably tasty.  First he cooked the steak (you can do this rare or medium but this suited the majority) and then sliced it as thin as he possibly could. Next he put handfuls of rocket on a board and dressed it in Olive Oil and Balsamic vinegar. Mixing with his hands he also added salt and pepper until it was seasoned perfectly. With mouths watering and eyes engrossed as this steak dish was presented to us, we all dived in. It was delicious, so easy to prepare, and with simple seasoning, it created a delicious starter to our Italian feast.
The chipolata sausages also went down well. Mainly Raph enjoyed them as he ate about 5!
The pizzas then started rolling out, (excuse the pun) as we all grabbed for the flour and dough to make our bases. Rob had made 4kg of dough from a simple recipe of flour, water yeast and salt. We had loads of toppings, goats cheese, olives, peppers pepperoni, black forest ham, mozzarella , pine nuts and much more. We think pretty much anything can go on a pizza. 
My sister made a amazing combination of onion chutney with goats cheese and fresh rocket, it was divine! 

My Dad, in his gourmet way, opted for a garlic butter base, with mozzarella, pine nuts, and mushrooms, and then fresh rocket thrown on after it's cooked. Equally as delicious.
Obviously my younger brother, a starving pre teen, had about every bit of meat and cheese he could find on it. Still delicious even if it is incredibly indulgent!
My Mum had made some simple salads to go with it all. A Greek salad made of feta cheese, cucumber, tomatoes and back olives with honegar dressing.
Another salad was a Betox salad, (that is a recipie from a website called Oh She Glows) which is made from a grated head of cauliflour, one of broccoli, some grated carrot, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pine nuts and some raisins with some freshly squeezed lemon juice and salt and pepper. These were both delicious as they tasted so fresh. 
Almost forgot, I made some easy seats from some big tree trunk slices and a cushion.
There was so much pizza making and eating. So much fun spending a relaxing hot evening with the family. In these moments I come away feeling proud of what we have, and so thankful that our family unit is strong and solid. 

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