Thursday, 29 May 2014

Making a giant chalk board

You will need:

MDF sheet, architrave, wood glue, chalk board paint and coloured paint for the frame.

First measure the space you want to fill and cut your MDF sheet to size.

Then paint the MDF sheet in 2 coats of your chalkboard paint.

Once the paint has dried, measure the architrave to the length and width of the board. You will need 4 lengths to be able to create your frame effect.

If you can, mitre the corners so the sit together smothly.

Then paint the lengths in the colour you want. I did white to match our walls.

Once they have dried, stick using wood glue on top of the sheet creating the framed edge. You might need to weight them down with some books to make sure they stick.

This should now be looking like a perfect chalk board.

We screwed ours up onto the wall as I wanted it lifted off the floor.  I then filled over the holes with filler and also put some filler around all the edges so it looked smooth on the wall.

Make sure you have a box of chalk at the ready!


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