Monday, 19 May 2014

Eating at the table

I love eating! But in particular the evening meal is great as it's a time when you physically have to stop what you are doing. It's pretty easy when you're on your own or even in a couple to skip dinner or postpone it. Kids like routine and the postponement seems to just mess with everything including sleeping. So it's quite important to eat at a similar time if you can else they just start getting grumpy. For us, we used to sit in front of the tv with Raph feeding him dinner and we still do if he's really tired and just needs something to perk him up. Raph's always enjoyed snacking through the day, but he never liked stopping to eat.

We've started having dinner at the table every evening and it does make a big difference. He usually eats all his dinner and then asks for more or for something else to eat at the table. It's easier for us for feeding Etta and him at the table too and means we can talk about the day's events and what tomorrow will bring. It's nothing new eating as a family, but as our family's got bigger, We've realised how important it is to eat together when you can.

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