Monday, 19 May 2014

Washing is not a chore!

Washing is not a chore.........well kind of. I must say, if it rains i am completely scuppered with washing. We don't have a tumble dryer so in the winter we rely on radiators and airers. Which are fine as we would have the heating on and things dry quickly. Now, as it is warmer, we have turned the heating off and hope for dry days to get things out on the line. 
This week has been quite disastrous though as it has been gloriously hot then throwing it down. Today however is beautiful and dry so the line is full. 
Now we are massive culprits of leaving the washing hidden away in the basket but today and on other days, I try to make it fun. It can be family time at the end of the day. Its strange how it can be great for relationships with children and partners. Sharing the burden that washing becomes means time spent together laughing as you sort it rather than the one sided argument you might have with yourself about how, "I always do this" or "  I spend my life sorting out YOUR washing". 
I usually start with the simple floor sort. This entails tipping the basket out and sorting into lights and darks. Then as I go though the day Rob or myself can just grab a pile and put it on. Raph and Etta have always enjoyed being carried in the washing basket as part of the task. We have lots of photos of them! (*Small disclaimer; make sure your you basket is a solid one before doing this!!!)
Then for the putting the wash on, Raph is always at hand to press ANY buttons I indicate him to. This usually results in moments of teaching in manners and pride as he realises how thankful we are to him for his help.
The hanging out process is usually done by the one who desperately wants to get another wash on. Sometimes I do a batch of quick washes as soon as I get up and load them all into a basket before I do a mass hanging out. Saves me feeling like I am going back and forth!
Then the sorting! Ohhhh how dull this job can be! But by all just stopping and getting on the floor an entire family can sort it out in half the time, (well that depends on how silly things get ) and also have time to stop and just chat to one another. 
I also find this is great for getting young children to start taking responsibility for their belongings.
Raph might not put his clothes in the draw as neatly as I would but if HE is doing it then that is all that matters. 
Sometimes the sorting of the washing is a point where Rob and I can have a actual chat about random things that we never get round to talking about.  Its good as a couple to have that time instead of just sitting in silence watching tv.
Etta enjoys sorting the washing. She sits there and just eats it! Often the culprit for the socks that seem to be missing, she is there with them all in her lap! 
Anyway, hopes this helps lift the burden of washing for some of you! Try it!

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