Monday, 19 May 2014

Last weeks catwalk!

This lady makes us so happy! She actually pretty much always has these same expressions on her face! 
Last week Etta's wardrobe was easy wearing.The beginning of the week was a bit more drizzly but the sun has been so warm she has worn lots of easy cottons. Now, last week I did the seasonal shop as both the children had only winter clothes, tights, trousers and long sleeved tops. My chosen shop of choice  for revitalising their wardrobe was Next. I find Next is definatly  the more expensive choice for every day wear, especially as we can not get through a day with out getting something on their clothes. But I find they wash easily and don't loose there shape so most things can be handed down or out to friends as they still look in great condition even after many wears. 
Giulietta wore all new season Next except on the day she wore a hat which is F&F at Tesco and so is the pale green smock t-shirt she is wearing in the same picture. 
We had a hankie head band week too. The yellow hankie is a Joules on I picked up last year and struggled to pull off. She however looks quite adorable. The blue one is actually a Cath Kidston soldier print hankie, we also have one in the cowboy print too, great for headbands or dibble bibs depending on what look you want.

Now this little cutie also enjoyed a range of outfits this week. 
Raphael has a bit of a mix this week Next, H&M, Primark and Sainsburys. Left to right from the top 
he is wearing a Next shirt and tee and Primark skinny jeans. His fireman's outfit that he wore all of Tuesday was from Sainsburys. They have a big range of kids dressing up and I got a batch of outfits when they had 25% off. His stripy top is from H&M and we have these in a range of colours as they are really easy pull ons. All of the other items are new season Next.

Robs wardrobe didn't change much this week! He has a uniform for work and on Saturday he was in gardening gear as he was working on brick laying and on Sunday it was cricket whites!

I had a couple of new wears this week. Jelly shoes have hit it big this summer with them coming in a range of colours. I opted for a nude coloured pair so I can wear them with anything. I also treated myself to the new blue striped tee from Next and the fluro orange/coral jacket is their new season stuff too. I got myself a really nice smart jacket from Matalan last week. Its an oversized boyfriend fit and it had 30% off when I got it. Its really light for the summer months and a lovely bold print.
My gold sandals are my top purchase though. I even went back and got a second pair. They are real leather and were £12 from Primark! A few years ago they did a similar pair but without the ankle strap and I had two pairs of them. They go with everything and the leather goes so soft when you wear them and for £12 - I really don't think you can go wrong!

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