Tuesday, 27 May 2014


When we moved into our house this is how the garden looked! (the tree at the back is in our garden)

It took a lot of work to get the hedge cut down. At the bottom of the garden was a huge mound of rubbish and soil and the grass was pretty much weeds so we hired a friend with a digger to scrape the grass into a pile in the front and move lots of the soil from the mound over the top of the garden to level it up ready for grass seeding.

I really enjoyed the process of growing grass as in only a few weeks, with decent weather (wet or sunny), you get signs that you're going to have grass soon after having mud for so long!

While the grass was growing, I was quite keen to grow some vegetables down the side of the path too. Pretty much just economically rather than for the joy of it, however our neighbours do still refer to us as Tom and Barbara from 'The Good Life'.

The grass started to look really good & we got some really good courgettes, radishes, pumpkins & salads that year. I pretty much only grow things you don't need to water as I feel it's a bit of a waste of time. (I think Jan our neighbour probably watered them when I wasn't looking though)
We continued to grow veg for the next 2 years, but now we're a bit preoccupied with other stuff but it is fun if you want something to do & is always nice eating something you've grown yourself.


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