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Pallet wood tent

Pallet wood tent

This is one of my favourite play pieces. We made this for the kids to have inside and out. We are lucky that we have a lot of floor space, but really, these are as big as you make them so you can suit them to your needs easily.

What you need to make this is one pallet, a mop pole, some hook latches and fabric sheeting.

First get 4 planks of your pallet wood and sand them down. (They can often be made of poor quality wood so watch for splinters.) Make sure they are all the same lengths.

In the tops of the planks you will need to drill a hole to the diameter of a mop pole.

The bottom of the planks you will want to cut the legs diagonally to make them sit flat on the ground once the are put up at an angle.

Decide how wide you want the legs to be and screw the hook part to the top of one of the planks and the latch part to the second one.  Do this to both pairs creating to front and back of the tent.

Then tread the mop pole through the planks, putting the latches on, this should make your tent frame stand up.

Making the sheeting will require you measuring from the bottom of one plank, up and over the mop pole and to the bottom of the other plank.This will be the length of fabric you need. Then you need the width which is measured between the planks and along the pole.

Once you have your fabric cut and ready, sew a small hem all around the edges to stop fraying.

I chose to add a pompom trim but this it isn't necessary. If you want to do it, just sew that on top of the edge.

Once hemmed, add some tabs using more fabric or ribbon along the edges. These will enable you to tie the sheet on to the planks.

Throw over the frame, tie and get inside!
If you don't want to make the fabric sheet a big blanket or bed sheet will do.

For a special treat in the winter when it gets dark early I put battery fairy lights along the mop pole inside creating a star gazing tent!

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