Monday, 19 May 2014

Our Home

We love the simple things. Pale colours, white walls and things that we have made or salvaged and then changed to what we want.

In the top picture you have a stair gate made from scrap wood. We went for a barn gate style and simply painted and fixed to the wall with hinges. It has a latch that can't be reached by little hands and we have one at the top and one at the bottom of the staircase.
The dresser in our kitchen belonged to Robs parents. It was a very dark stained piece that his mum had had enough of. It has been a few shades before I settled with this one. A soft grey and sanded back top.
The mantle place was in my grandparents house. Its was very big and very dark before and overpowered their room, so when they decided to get rid, we took it and painted it white! They couldn't believe it was the same one!
The sideboard dresser was a purchase from a charity shop. It is pine and was very orange but after sanding it back and painting in a soft grey it was unrecognisable to its former self.
The old sash window frame above it was reclaimed from a building project that happened next to my family shop. They were taking 6 of the to the skip so I grabbed 4! I absolutely love it as a piece of wall art! 
Rob was ever so clever and made 2 pallet wood side tables. You can see the top of one in the top picture. These are great as when you make your own bits and pieces you can have multiples easily. We have two of these either side of  the sofa with the same soft grey painted legs on them. 

We have quite a few fun features in our home. Living with an electrician definitely has its perks. 
Our colander light shades are a great feature. Rob had to drill a hole to the size of the light fitting that was already there and just put it up like a normal light shade. 
Our kitchen interior window was a new feature we put in last year. As we live in a small ex council house we wanted to change it to suit our lifestyle. We like the open plan living so putting the hole in the wall was a great way to create a big downstairs space. It opens up the kitchen and is great for entertaining as you are still part of what goes on in the dinning and sitting room. 
 Wall mounting a tv was not on my list of necessities in my life but Rob was adamant that we were doing it. I have to say now though I love it! All of the wires go behind the wall and  into a cupboard which hides the Sky box and DVD player. 

The last two features of our home I just want to mention are our decking and red brick path. The decking was made out of our old lounge floor. We pulled up each individual plank and re-fitted it 
outside alongside our red brick path. The path is made from the bricks from our original house wall 
which we knocked down in the rebuild.
Most of these I will blog about individually again, showing a more 'how to' process.

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