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Easy Peasy Cushions

I used some time the other day to make some pillows. This is the easiest process that does not involve zips or buttons and once you get the hang of them, they take about 15 mins to make. So these are great for quick presents or updating the home.
To keep the cost down I only put my patterned fabric on the front as cotton canvas, or plain linen is much cheaper than the fancy stuff so I do half and half pillows. You can you the same material all the way round and it will work as well.

Square and rectangle pillow slips.

Whatever size of pillow you have, this works!

I use my pattern piece for the top and I use a plain cotton for the back.

1. Measure the length and width of pillow (from the seam) and cut your top piece of fabric to that size. Add an extra 1/2 inch for sewing room.

2. The bottom piece you need to do the same width but the length you need to add a good 5-6 inches
to enable you to make the opening .

3. Cut the bottom piece in half ( fold width ways) so you  now have 3 parts to your pillow.

4. Hem the back 2 cotton pieces by turning over a short edge and doing a running stitch down. Do this on one short edge of both the back pieces. These bits will create the opening.

5. Lay a piece of the back onto the pattered fabric. Make sure the pattered front piece us facing up and then lay the back piece down so that you have the rough hem edge looking at you. Also, keep the edges together this shouldn't go over any edges.

6. Then lay the second back piece down. This should overlap across the middle section.

7. Pin and sew around all the edges.

8. Cut the corners but do not cut across you stitching, (this helps push out the corner points.)

9. Slip you had through the opening back pieces and turn inside out (which be comes the right way round!)

10. Fill with you cushion!

Round bolster pillows

You need just pattered fabric for this!

1. Measure the length of the pillow from the middle of one end to the middle of the other end. Then do the width by going around the pillow.

2. Add on an extra 4 inched to the length and 2 to the width for sewing room.

3. Sew straight down the long length. Make sure you don't sew too far in otherwise it will be to tight.

4. Then tuck an end in on itself. You are hemming the end but you need to leave enough of a gap to thread string through to pull it tight. Once it is tucked in enough, about 2 inches should be inside,  sew the hem leaving a small gap between the start and end of the stitching.

5. Do this to both ends, check you length though and adjust accordingly!

6. I used a pen with a twist top which I tucked my elastic into to help guide my tie trough. Once threaded. Pull tight and tie.

7. Only do this to one end so you can push the cushion in and then do it to the other end!

Sewing edging on.

I have never done this until I made these pillows!!!
This is how I did it, it might not be the proper way but it worked!!

1. Place whatever it is you want running along the edge on top of the front piece of your cushion. I used some lace ribbon as you can see. Then placed one half of the back piece on top, (like you would do with the original slip, you are just sandwiching the lace in the middle.)

2. Sew down that one edge making sure you catch the lace ribbon between the two pieces.

3. Repeat on the other edge.

4. Now lay the two back halves  that have not being sewn down over each other, like in the pillow slip, and just sew to two long edges that are left.

5. Pull through the opening and as you turn it, the lace should appear running down the side.

Hope that makes sense. If you think about it logically, it is an easy process. You always want the proper side of the pillow that will be on show facing inside! Sandwich then you trimming between the 2 and sew.

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