Monday, 19 May 2014

Reviving an old bench

I dug out this bench from my parents shed. They had it in there with lots of stuff piled on top. I decided I would salvage it and turn it into a bench for the kids to use at our giant chalk board.
If you ever find old bits of furniture in parents garages or in charity shops, here is a how to on how you can up- cycle them.

Luckily for me this was unpainted but if you had one that was painted or stained I would sand it down a little first.

Once sanded and clean I start with a white primer. This helps create a base for your coloured paint to stick to. I did one coat on this but if its dark wood I would do two.

Then when thoroughly dry add your first coat of colour. I always start with the underneath as you can turn the item over. Make sure you get into all the corners and joins, and don't leave any drips! Once evenly covered let it dry.

Add a second coat making sure you get all the corners again and that the whole piece is covered.

I don't do more that two coats. The primer should of taken care of the dark wood so after that you just leave it to dry.

For this bench I wanted to make a cushion, just so it looked pretty! I used a nice fresh coloured fabric and some wadding.

This is slightly more complicated and I would suggest using a sewing machine for ease.

Measure the space you want to fill, for me it was just the top of the bench. Measure the length and width but add an extra inch to allow for sewing space.

Cut out your fabric, a front and back piece, then cut out your thick wadding to the same measurements.

Once cut lay your wadding out first then place a piece of fabric pattern side up on top making sure you match the edges up.

Then lay your other piece of fabric pattern side down. This is to make sure that when you turn the piece inside out once sewn it is actually the wadding with the material either side.

Sew down the two long sides and one short leaving the last short side open. Sew about half an inch in so there is no chance of holes. (This is why we cut the fabric slightly bigger.)

Then put your hand between the two fabric pieces and turn inside out, which should in fact make it, the right way round!

Using your fingers push out the corners and flatten the wadding between the two bits of fabric.

Once straightened and flat go to the open end. Fold the fabric in on itself, pin,then sew up the end.

There you go then, once the bench is dry, place the cushion on and put in its new home.

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