Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Mermaid shoe style.

After much debate as to whether I would look like to 13 year old "cool kid" I bought my first ever pair of Adidas trainers. Recent trends have seen a huge rise in wearing trainers as part of your everyday wear. I even blogged about it recently stating how this trend, well, disgusted me really. Who would wear bright white trainers with pencil skirts. Well me, now I do. I have totally fallen for the white trainer obsession which seems to be everywhere at the moment! Looking through all the options on the high street was hard though. Every single pair was £70 and up so, they, a simple product are extremely expensive. This in itself has put me off for a few weeks but on a chance look at the JDSports website I saw that the Adidas kids went up to a 5.5. I had tried on a six before which I knew was too big so I had to get smaller anyway. But getting these new in Iridescent Adidas Superstars was a bit of a fluke really. What are the chances they would have 5.5? Well, they did and as they were kids; much cheaper than the adult versions. Trying them on with outfits I was going to wear them with just confirmed my need to add them to my wardrobe. And here we are, I now look like every other British teenager around at the moment but hopefully with my taste and style I will be able to wear them a little differently.



  1. Love your look Emily. You suit them! Did you find them true to size or did you have to size down at all? Thanks x

    1. Hi, so i got a 5.5 and think they are a great fit. I am around a 5.5 anyway but often would get a six and think they are roomy. My sister has a pair if size 6 adidas and they would be too big for me. Xx


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