Thursday, 3 March 2016

Mamas Blooms Newsletter Edition 4

What a beautiful month to be looking at beautiful flowers. As we have now entered into Spring we are allowed to revel in its beauty, filling our home with all the floral goodies that are popping up to say hello. But, if you are like me and have already been enjoying tulips, this might be nothing new! Those tulips get me every time, I just see them and need them at home. 
This last month the Mamas Blooms gallery on Instagram has been awash with stunning pictures of flowers that are gracing your homes. I can't believe how many of you have been sharing pictures, it really is amazing to see. We all have such gorgeous taste as well, all the pictures are just beautiful and the composition of picture is very artistic.

Flowers in my home

If you have been reading my blog for some time now you will know that I always have flowers in the house. It is so important for making you feel better. Just this week I was telling somebody that flowers are so good for you, for your soul. You can get so lost in dreaming just looking at them, I often find myself just staring at a jug after getting distracted by them, they allow you to stop and ponder, and as they are beginning to sprout up outside, it is even nicer stopping and looking at the beauty nature gives us. I think as a being, trying to contemplate a flower's form gives you a sense of peace, it is impossible to work out and I think we naturally take enjoyment at that, little bit of magic, there for us to look at. 
Our bedroom is in a converted attic, right at the top of the house so you can imagine that in the day it is not a used room. It is really nice but there is no reason to be up there and the only real time I spend in there is sleeping. Because of this I never put flowers in there. It seems such a big waste but after having to take some photos in there I left a jug up and I have been refilling it ever since. I don't know what it is but it really changes the whole dynamic of the room. A beautiful jug of blooms adds so much more than I could have imagined, and seeing them in the early morning light as it streams through our roof windows really makes me want to get up and start the day. I would recommend having flowers in your bedroom, it brings another level of romance and beauty!

Easter tree inspiration
We are heading in to the later half of lent now which means it is time to start thinking about decorating for Easter. Easter is a very important time for us as a family, in fact it is one of my favourite times in the Church's year. I suppose for us (practising Catholics) it is when we get the chance to fully understand what we believe in and remind ourselves what we need to do to be better. 
I love to celebrate the period with some pretty decorations at home. For as long as I can remember we have always had an Easter tree made from scavenged branches. I have collected things over the years to hang on ours and I can't wait to get them out soon. 
I thought I would share some images that I had found on Pintrest (addicted to it) as there are some very creative ways to style a simple Easter tree!

Aren't they gorgeous!

Mother's Day Flowers

Motherhood has always been synonymous with springtime and plants and it is because both represent life and fertility. Just look at sheep, for example, what a truly beautiful time of year to have babies! Because of this natural earthly balance of new life and growth it seems fitting that we celebrate the women who have given us life and helped us to grow by showering them in nature's fruitful beauty. Flowers always emanate beauty, purity and strength which are some attributes that we may recognise in our mothers. This Mother's day if you are looking for something really special why not buy or pick a few different stems and arrange them into something pretty yourself? You don't have to be a florist but get some soft coloured Tulips, Roses, Daffodils or Ranuculus, add some greenery like Rosemary from the garden and tie up a pretty bunch with some string and brown paper (grease-proof paper also works nicely) and give your mother something a bit more personally prepared by you!

#mamasbloom gallery
Every week it is a joy to see all the pictures being shared and as I have said already, you are all so artistic with your styling that it is just so inspiring to see. 
Nanda and I are always so pleased to see so many of you join in so thank you for taking the time to tag your pictures. If your are new to this and not sure what it's about, get on Instagram, set up a profile and share any of your floral pictures using the hashtag mamasblooms. Then they join a huge gallery of wonderful pictures by so many of you!
This is just a selection of what I have been enjoying this last month, there are many more to see!!

Left to right; @capturebylucy, @mummyofboygirltwins, @mrsyorkshirechappy, @rebecca_lou_72

Left to right; @mummyofboygirltwins, @chloegraceb, @mylittleduke, @ivetanedvedicka

Left to right; @capturebylucy, @littlemaldod, @maysssssaa, @perloradelte

Thank you all for joining in! 
Can't wait until April, hopefully I might have some garden blooms to share!!



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