Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Mama's got a brand new bag!

I have to admit it, I do not do the family food shop. I hate it and I am an impulse buyer which makes our budget go out the window when it comes to going to the supermarket. No, a job like that is left to Rob who is a master at buying what we need and planning meals well because of it. He is a pro at taking his own bags shopping or making sure he gets containers to transfer food from shop to home. You wouldn't see him having to spend the extra 5p per plastic bag used. Me however, not used to the charge and in no way good at remembering bags have been caught out many times simply because I have literally forgotten that rule was brought into this country all those months ago. I have therefore got very good at balancing products and holding a child's hand as I pick up extras/necessities through the week. My stacking skills are quite good now but the reality is I have needed a bag in my life for all my errand runnings for a while now. 

I have loved Plum & Ashby for sometime now, ever since my mum and I first stumbled across a stall they had at a Country Living Fair about 3 years ago. I remember seeing the collection and their Bertie dog being quiet iconic in a lot of their prints. since then I have had quite a few of their pieces and we now have our own little Bertie dog who sits in the kid's room.
I have always loved the hessian and jute kinda bags for shopping, so one that was as practical but a bit more stylish was something that this mama needed to stop that 5p bag toll totting up!

With their iconic logo printed onto the jute and with the beautiful brown leather handles this tote bag is a beautiful edition to my daily attire. It is perfect for everything and anything and if I just want everything in one bag knowing that I am off shopping I can sling everything, even my purse into this and head out.

This tote bag is a great addition to mine and Etta's outings around town. It allows me to pop to the post office and not struggle with packages in my arms leaving a hand for the little lady to hold. Everything about it is just perfect and I quite simply am becoming an eco bag lady with my reusable brand new bag!

Shop for more Plum and Ashby on their website now.

Have you been caught out with the bag charges?


*Post in collaboration with Plum & Ashby but all thoughts are my own.

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