Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Being quiet at home.

I can't believe this is the last week of the spring term. School holidays are coming and I just can't get over that Raphael will have finished his first year in a matter of months. When I was working in School I used to love the summer term. I think it is all to do with the bright mornings and the fact that you get home from work and it is still light. But teaching children in the summer term was always nice. Getting outside more and just enjoying the sunshine on your face at break time was bliss. When I dropped Raph off at school this morning one of the boys had shorts on! Keen but he looked so cute and it made me think about getting Raph some! 
Since September my life has completely changed. Our routine had a huge overhaul and living life with just one child has been so strange. Don't get me wrong, there has been an element of ease to it, but also it has had lots of difficulties. Not only has it corresponded with Etta passing through the 'terrible twos' stage but not letting time run away from me has been one of my biggest struggles, just making sure to be close to school and not the other side of town late afternoon has been a challenge. Due to that, I have spent more time at home than ever before. Etta and I have got really good at doing all errands in the morning and usually get home and spend a couple of hours here before we head off for Raph. That has become our routine and you know what, for a girl who always wanted to be out doing, it has made a really nice change. Etta is so good at playing, she has always preferred her own company but she just adores imaginative play and does so for hours. And until more recently she always napped in the afternoon and I was able to do blog work before we collected Raph. 

Last month she even potty trained and it has been such an easy process. And I am going to brag as Raph was just rubbish and it took like a year, no joke! It wasn't a problem but Etta has been a breeze comparatively. Being at home more has definitely helped though; she would just come in and know what to do, where everything was. It has been relatively stress free. 

Being at home more has also let me enjoy our home more. I really just love our little house, being in it lets me be more creative. I think it's so nice when you can just enjoy your space and feel comfortable. I feel more organised also, even though I will quite happily ignore the clean clothes pilling up before I put them away but I now try to stay more on top of sorting and keeping the home organised. I feel like we have a nicer home as I am here more to sort bits out. 

I also feel like my work balance is right being at home more. I feel that my photography has got better and the quality of photos I now produce are a good standard. Maybe that's because I am practising a lot more and I have found time to develop an art. 

Overall being at home has allowed Etta and I to spend a lot more one-on-one time together. Something I suppose not many second children have the opportunity to do as a lot of the time more siblings would come along. All I know is that being at home now brings me such peace and I am loving each day planning, making, photographing, playing and being mum.

Do you feel you get enough time at home?




  1. Emily... I nodded all the way through this! I feel exactly the same! Being home has helped me to love our home more because I'm on top of things (sometimes!) but also I think it's taught our children to play independently, enjoy quiet, and use their own imaginations! Space and quiet breeds creativity! Love your photographs too! Really enjoy and appreciated this post!


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