Thursday, 10 March 2016

Foot stool revival (cue my lazy upholstery skills)

I am always trying to make our bedroom feel more like a sanctuary. We are lucky that we have been able to convert the attic and as a space it's very nice. However it has its own inconveniences; the slanted roof, which I love, but means there is only one certain layout or that there is a beam running along the floor. But it is a beautiful light space which suits us well and gives us another bedroom. 

When we moved up there nearly 3 years ago Rob made a nice end of bed stool/bench out of some MDF and the cut off legs from our old kitchen table. It has some foam cushioning on top, then just white lining fabric to hold it on. It had a very flowery fabric on which was heavily pink; it really suited the white room but I suppose I got a bit bored of it.

Cath Kidston recently sent me some gorgeous fabric in their Richmond rose print. I love the pink roses which nicely match my eiderdown (quite old now) and brings a touch of colour to the room. The grey background keeps it nice and muted and makes it look less 'busy' which the previous fabric was doing.
I am no upholsterer, in fact I take the easiest and simplest route to my upholstery projects. As this bench is MDF I just simply wrap the fabric over it and staple gun it to the underneath. If it was a proper furniture piece I would be more inclined to tack it but as I am not tacking the edges which are visible, a quick fix is just fastening well to the underneath. 

This is a simple project but it is a nice way to refresh a piece of furniture that becomes a bit stale in use.

Do you have any good tips for 'lazy upholstery'?


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