Wednesday, 23 March 2016

My makeup essentials for daily wear.

I don't very often share my make up thoughts simply because I wouldn't class myself as any kind of beauty blogger, but I do like to share things I really, genuinely like, and after purchasing a few make up bits last month I felt I wanted to share them.

On a morning I usually take about 10 minutes or less to put my make up on. It is usually a basic combination of foundation, bronzer, blusher, mascara and sometimes eyeliner or eye shadow.
What I have photographed are my essentials for quick application or for making me feel 'normal'. So what's in my Tillyanna makeup bag?

As a base I have started using The Body Shop Instablur. I have not used The Body Shop in years, I was trying a bronzer and thought I would test some other bits. This product boasts being able to make your skin 'photo perfect' in an instant. It is an all round skin perfecter which should give your skin that flawless smooth finish. I must say, it is a funny thing; it isn't runny like a liquid, more like a dryer gel, that spreads on and indeed leaves a smoother appearance. As a base I have found it works best with other Body Shop products. My All In One Face Base sits better on it compared to my other brand liquid foundations. It does make my makeup look 'matt' for longer with no shine and it definitely lasts longer, looking good into the evening. A nice product which I do not feel was a waste of money.

When I don't want to wear foundation I have started wearing this Garnier BB Cream + Blur in Light. I really like it and it has better coverage than I imagined a BB cream to have. The light is still quite coloured I think though so if you are super pale maybe test it first. I still put blusher on top to have a more natural look or if I am not going anywhere it is nice to wear as a change.

Another product that I have also started using and absolutely love from The Body Shop is their Baked to last Bronzer in warm glow which is perfect for that pre-summer glow! It is a great balance of colour and shimmer; I just love wearing this, and everyday! I also now use their Baked to last Blusher in Petal to compliment the bronzer with a touch of pink, which it really does. I love both of these!

The only mascara that I use, after trying many out over the years is this classic Maybeline Great Lash in Blackest Black. It literally does what it says on the packet, (unlike others claim) this is just a brilliant mascara that does its job. Fact!

These products I am really enjoying using and heading into summer where I am likely to fake tan a lot more, (I never go naturally brown). These products should fit very nicely into my summer skin pallet. 
If I were to advise buying just a couple of the products it would be the cheek products from The Body Shop, I really love these!!

When it comes to taking all these things off on an evening there are only 2 products I use, La Roche Posay Micellar water which I find is great to use after I have washed the initial make up off with the Effaclar cleansing gel. I have been using these products for about a year and a half now and feel they work very well with my skin type. I also think they last extremely well using small amounts as La Roche Posay suggest. They are more expensive though, but I think, for me, they are worth it.

As my Tillyanna mug suggests, there are a few things that get me feeling more normal on a morning, so I hope you have enjoyed me sharing them with you!


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