Monday, 28 March 2016

The Perfect Spot

Spring means everything changes. That point in the year when you just know everything is brighter and every moment seems a bit easier. Having the light skies on a morning and towards late afternoon is so much nicer than getting up and arriving home from work in the dark. 

Last Sunday there was a definite switch in my mood towards the outdoors. It was officially the first day of Spring and it was also the day I unboxed our new garden bench from Garden Trading. The back of our house which looks straight down our garden is reasonably sheltered, so popping this lovely metal Bistro Bench by the backdoor overlooking our little plot seemed perfect.
The moment I sat down and felt the sunshine on my face was just perfection. Not only does this obviously suit our decor but this bench offers the perfect spot for just sitting and watch the kids play. It was almost made to fit between our windows and the edge of the building, an ideal size for two adult bottoms or even for a couple of little ones joining mine! 
In the beautiful Clay colour this bench also offers me a space for just enjoying the outdoors. From potting plants to enjoying a cup of tea for five minutes between jobs, having this just by our back door is going to be great!

I am hoping that the coming weeks are beautiful because it would be nice to be in the garden again over the Easter holidays. This week we seem to have been tidying a bit and starting to get the garden ready for the spring and summer. Sweeping off the patio and repositioning the picnic table are top of my list as this is the first summer we will have no building project debris!

Getting the opportunity to sit out and look upon an actually finished(ish) garden will be bliss. I just love it looking tidy and it is definitely getting that way!
Finding myself a little spot to contemplate and plan is just what I need. Avoiding spending all day in the house needs to become more important in my life and now we have these beautiful light evenings, getting outside and being able to watch the kids play after school will be delightful.

As we have a green themed outside; our extension cladded, our new shed that sits by our pizza oven and the kids' climbing frame, it is great having a bench that can be moved around and will match so nicely. This one is foldable so perfect for lifting, moving and storing. What a great piece of new garden furniture to take us into spring.

Have you thought about adding new furniture to your garden for Spring?

What would you like?


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  1. Your garden looks so cute! I love the green and the little foldable bench, so handy! I've just finished painting my decking so you've made me more excited to have a nice place to sit outside!

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