Friday, 18 March 2016

The Classic Gloverall.

When it comes to classic styles there will always be a small few that we might recognise with childhood. The likes of a duffle coat are one of those items that are ingrained in my head from primary school days. I remember wearing them and them being a staple in our family home for a long time.
Gloverall, a British heritage brand who have been producing duffle coats since 1951 and are a brand who are so deep rooted in our country's manufacturing institution that they are one of the longstanding brands who still are producing high quality outerwear made with quality British wools and tweed today. 
I had the privilege of meeting in their offices in London recently and was blown away by how they still keep to so much of their heritage. 
As part of their many fashion and exporting achievements they have also made fashion items that are loved the world over. 

For a certain little boy the gift of such a beautiful coat was an absolute highlight of his week. He first asked to wear it to school and that moment he put it on he looked so grown up. It just shocked me how this one item made him look like a traditional school boy, not old fashioned, almost like the way it is meant to be. It reminded me of those children's classic books like Just William or The Famous Five, in fact any classic story with a young boy seeking adventure. Raphael just looked ready to go out to the world and fill his pockets with treasure! But for me, I wanted to show you how this coat doesn't need to look school related at all. The beauty of a classic cut is that it should sit well with everything, and it really does. A simple striped t-shirt, skinny jeans and some white trainers are all you need, and this coat just makes this kid look like.....well.... gorgeous.


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  1. Beautiful pictures and what a brilliant coat. I love duffle coats and will have to get one for my two now!


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