Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Springtime Table Piece

With Easter coming up next week and as we officially enter into spring (March 20th) I wanted to share a new make with you. This flower and candle table piece is so easy to make, no floristry skills required, just a love for fiddling with flowers and patience to work slowly!

What's special about this piece is that there are these beautiful tea light candles from Laura Ashley. I thought they were just so pretty that sat against real flowers they would look perfect as a centre piece to a spring table.

This first thing you have to do is find yourself a container. I have used a wicker basket that is actually part of a set which holds little glass votives for ordinary tea lights. It seemed like an ideal size and meant I didn't need to spend any extra money on this project. Any kind of solid vessel will work, even if it is round or square you can use it to make a similar piece.
As mine is wicker I have lined it by cutting a plastic bag to fit inside. I have used wet oasis so I didn't want water to leak through. If you vessel is solid I wouldn't worry about this.

After soaking a block of oasis in water for about an hour, I cut it to size so that it fit nicely in the basket. Make sure that it is about an inch out of the top as well, do not cut it flush to the surface. I also have not taped it into place, it fits snuggly and won't be moved a lot so I didn't feel it was necessary.

Position the candles how you want, I put five in mine, equally spaced running down the middle. Then using any greenery, I have used Eucalyptus, work your way around the edge covering the oasis. Now as the candles are small, you will only need small bits of greenery, keep your flowers close to the oasis so as not to hide the candles. Build it up, start with the greenery then add your bigger head flowers like roses and then fill in the gaps with more greenery and small flowers.

I have used Eucalyptus, Ivy leaves, Roses, Lizzy, Eringium (Thistle), Wax flower, dried Lavender and Astrantia. As you can see, the Roses and Lizzy are the bigger heads which I have positioned between the candles on each side. The white Lizzy heads help balance it out. Filling in with Wax flower (tiny cream flowers) and the lavender adds so much detail even though they are small pieces.

Once the piece is complete it can be positioned on the table as a centre piece. If yours is long like mine you could also use it on a side board, this sits very nicely in front of one of our mirrors.

This is a piece which will take you an hour or so just to make, let alone prep. time gathering what you need. I would do it when you have the time and you don't need to rush. Working with flowers is so therapeutic you need to give yourself the time to enjoy it and not rush through it.
No matter what level your floristry skills are, I really encourage you to have a go at making an arrangement in oasis. The result is so different to usual vases filled with flowers and like I said, if you don't stress and enjoy it, it is a really lovely experience!


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