Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Pranamat

I do love having to test out products and recently as I have got a lot more active doing Zumba and Body Combat I am finding that I had muscles I didn't know existed. 
Over the past couple of months my body has been kicked and shimmied in ways I didn't know I could so having the opportunity to try a Pranamat Eco therapy mat, I honestly jumped at the chance to have something to aid post-exercise treatment!
Pranamat is what can only be described as a 'bed of nails' - a very pretty one mind, but still, these little lotus flowers are extremely pointy and very sharp.

So what's the point? Well the moment I first stood on the mat I couldn't stop laughing. It was that nervous kind of laughing when something hurts but it is actually instantly relieving. And yes, it does hurt but the way it makes you feel is quite amazing. 
There is an instant release of endorphins I am sure, it makes you smile and when trying to watch Rob lie on it you can do nothing but laugh. 

The mat boasts being able to help 'activate the body into boosting its natural defenses, metabolism, blood circulation and stimulates Lymph nodes. The end result is an enhanced resistance to inflammation and an increase in endorphins, which serves as your body's most powerful natural painkillers'.

I feel I need to use it for a longer period of time to see its full benefits but as a relaxation tool which claims to aid all sorts of fixing of body problems, including weight management, I am keen to make it part of my cool down routine post-exercise.

One of the conditions which it claims to reduce, if not rid in just 30 days is cellulite by using one of these mats. I haven't started it yet, but from tonight (!!) I will be following their cellulite treatment program to see if I can help smooth out the backs of my legs. Cellulite is one of those bugbears of mine, no matter what size I am or how much exercise I do I still have it on the back of my legs and thighs. The most common place on most of us so having a go at getting rid of it alongside enjoying other benefits my body will receive is worth it. Especially if I can do it sat watching the TV!

The Pranamat Eco seems to be a really good therapy that I am sure will benefit individuals differently. We all have our own aches and pains so using a treatment form that can be done at home, even on your own sofa, is a little luxury. 

I will check in in a couple of months about my progress with the Pranamat Eco and share how I am using it to better my body.


*Post in collaboration with Pranamat Eco

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