Friday, 11 March 2016

Bold Character PJs for kids.

When it comes to sleepwear our children get very excited about being able to get in their pyjamas on an evening. We would naturally do it after bath time and head straight to bed but sometimes, if we have been out or know they are tired then we get into them early and the kids love being able to play and be downstairs in them. This is quite an exciting thing and the kids see this as a treat!! 

Recently the children have become a but obsessed with certain things, not that Raph has seen the films, but Star Wars is probably on most boys' radars. He has seen the characters and loads of products in the shops so for him, anything that is spaced themed is a big hit. He loves these pyjamas from Character at the minute. The contrast of the simple black and white prints look great and he just loves the pair which has the ''Millennium Falcon'' on. I love them too as the simple monochrome print looks so effective; every little boy's dream, right!
When he opened them he was so excited! He wanted them on straight away! I love that pyjamas bring that kind of excitement!

Etta was almost beside herself when she opened her Tinkerbell ones; I think girls especially love things with characters they recognise on. At her age anything with a character on from TV makes her happy. It's almost like they exist a bit in real life as she is able to hold something with them on. Her little Frozen backpack was also a huge hit, this girl likes her accessories!

As a product these pyjamas are lovely, they have been through the wash a bit already and have come out nicely, still bright white for Raph's and Etta's are like they were when they were first opened!
Character are producing lovely items for kids, with a wide choice of characters on them to suits lots of children's tastes. They are also a great price too!

Raphael wore the Millennium Falcon set and the Darth Vader set.
Giulietta wore the Tinkerbell set and has the Frozen bag (similar).


*Collaborative post with Character.

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