Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Duvet Days

You always find at this time of year, with all this mixed weather the children seem to be constantly coughing and sniffing. It's just one of those things, but when you have the crying and constant clinginess it can get so draining. Especially when usual house jobs must still go on; dinner must be prepared and work doesn't stop.

It's those kind of days when blankets are out and the kids just spend a day in the house playing or watch TV.
I suggested to Raph that we get his duvet out the other day as he was suffering with a chest infection. It had nice, fresh, new sheets from Great Little Trading Company on and it just looked like the comfiest thing to play on whilst Rob and I were upstairs sorting out Etta and hanging out washing. Whilst we carried on our duties, Raph just sat for ages playing with the space rocket all snuggled in his duvet. What a perfect place to be. I could have easily just sat with him for a while. He quite happily played and it proved how comfortable and relaxed he must have been as he was happy to just lay his head down. 

The bedding must have helped; who doesn't love fresh bed sheets? There is something about them which makes them magical almost. This grey star print is totally gorgeous also, and for our little space-mad boy they are very fitting. They also match the kids' bedroom nicely with all of the lovely white painted wood.

After resting and playing, Raph seemed on top form. It must have been just what he needed to give him back a bit more energy! 
I think that might be the first course of medicine I use when he next feels unwell: pull the duvet onto the floor and let them play quietly. Obviously it was the best medicine in this case.

Do your children like snuggling into duvets when they are ill?


* This is a collaborative post with Great Little Trading Company, but the views are my own.

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