Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Little Spaceman

Raphael's topic of play at the moment could not come at a better time. With the UK's first astronaut Tim Peak blasting off into space just before Christmas it seems that young children everywhere are having their imaginations inspired by the thought of being a spaceman.
I must say, when I watched the live footage of the rocket I was totally blown away. Why? I am not really too sure but how crazy is it that a man from this soil is in space? And what a crazy thought that this is even possible. Having never obsessed over it as a young one, that wonder into space travel hit me in that moment of seeing the rocket blast off.
With that in mind it almost seemed that I had planned (even though I hadn't) that Raph was getting quite a few spaced themed gifts for Christmas. He had actually been studying it at school and their imaginative play area had been a space station so I knew it would fit in nicely as he had been mentioning a few things about it.
I wanted to share the gift that his Grandparents got him as it is really wonderful and a beautiful toy for any home.

This beautiful Hape Discovery Rocket is a wooden interactive toy with 4 levels for characters to live on and a top rocket that comes away for that very important space work. With a couple of astronauts, an alien and all the equipment they need to keep fit or cook a meal included, this beautiful wooden spaceship is a wonderful toy to have for children. You can play around the whole thing and it even has a lift that goes up and down through the centre. 

Rob and I also got Raph this fantastic Melissa & Doug spacesuit which is great for imaginative role play. I especially love that it comes with a helmet and gloves. And by fluke, H&M boys wear has been very space image heavy and they produced this back pack which I was able to get before Christmas, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be online anymore.

It really is a lovely thing to see both children wanting to play with the the rocket and a nice addition to toys that are available for children. We have castles and garages, but spaceships seem to be something that doesn't often appear in most houses. 
I hope you enjoyed this review and that you find it useful, even as ideas for birthday gifts over the coming year for children who love small role play.




  1. This looks like such a great toy & so well made. My little boy would love it!


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