Sunday, 17 January 2016

The Magic Of A Jewellery box

I think it is fair to say that both our children have always been a bit obsessed with a little jewellery box I have. It is full of random earrings and chain necklaces. Just small but lots of bits that sparkle, enough to catch a magpie's eye and also our children's.
I always love the thought of treasure. In fact I have always called my jewellery treasure to the kids as it has given it this secretive air about it when they ask what it is. With all these treasures though come plenty of arguing over wanting pieces and who gets what. Also, the poor fabric lid is now on its last legs after a few too many rough plays.
Luckily for Etta, Father Christmas had obviously seen her love for little treasure chests and she was left this beautiful one in her stocking, (A man with clearly very good taste) and it has become remarkably special.

I remember having a few music boxes that had compartments for rings and bracelets so it was amazing to see that such pretty traditional pieces are still being produced. This ballerina print is one of the most adorable that Cath Kidston has produced for little ones and the fact that there is a tiny ballerina spinning inside to music from Swan Lake really makes this such a magical piece.

Our little girl is absolutely in love with this little box, so much so that when she has come to our room in the middle of the night after waking up she has often brought it with her. In fact just last night I felt her crawl onto our bed and when I realised what she had I nearly threw it across the room (I was half asleep) but she is so fond of the special little thing that she just loves keeping it with her!

I love opening it up to see what random treasures may be inside, the other day it was a torn label and an elastic band. They were obviously precious to her though!

Do you have many memories of keeping treasure in boxes?


This jewellery box is out of stock but you can view this slightly bigger one here!



  1. My daughter has the same box, a christmas present off my mum this Christmas and like your daughter mine is obsessed with it. Taking the jewellery out, putting it back in ..... her treasures are; Elsa and Hello Kitty jewellery she has collected and a cardboard price tag of something, oh and a random hair bobble . Also, she now likes to fall asleep to the lovely swan lake music, instead of the JellyCat musically bunny she has had since she was a baby. My mum says a had a similar one box and I was just the same..... x


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