Monday, 25 January 2016

Is It Joie De Vivre?

Last year's new year's resolution was to immerse myself in all things French which I achieved in little ways through the year, so I wanted to carry it on into this year as it is still something that I absolutely love to do. We have been adding a bit of French flair into our home, or cooking. Rob and I occasionally practise language with a CD we have in the car as well as poorly speaking the odd French phrase to each other. We have children's books which we try to read in our impossibly French accents, but what's it all for? Really, I think it is good to have a fun hobby. For us, living and enjoying a more french-themed life just lets us pretend we will reach our dream of owning a house there.
Heading into this year I am starting to think about how it is important to enjoy life, what's now and what is possibly to come. This beautiful Pottery Trophy that my parents had hand painted for me is my most recent reminder of making each day count. Making sure we have that sense of Joie De Vivre is what life is all about. Welcoming days joyfully and making sure enjoyment ensues. 


Trophy available from Emma Bridgewater.

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