Sunday, 17 January 2016

January Beauty Boost

It is so easy to think about giving yourself a body detox. Trying to cleanse inside is talked about a lot and there are countless techniques for making yourself feel "Clean". I try to not make this a beginning of the year only thing. Changing your eating habits completely is a good way to do this. 
The same comes with your skin, Giving it regular doses of care is a way to keep it looking good. We all know the importance of cleaning your skin everyday, well I hope you do anyway! Don't go sleeping in that make up girls, it is not good for you! So when it comes to caring for your insides with wholesome, ''good for you'' foods it is important to recognise what you are putting on the outside of your skin should also be good for you!
I am quite lucky in my family that we all have interests that circle around one another, mainly about looking and feeling good. My mum is a strong raw food eater, one sister is an exercise fanatic (in a good way) and another is very into hair and beauty. It also is nice that my cousin is an Arbonne consultant and she sent me some testers over to trial for a review. 
As far as I have learned, Arbonne are developing skin products that are heavily focused on using natural ingredients to give you significant results. They claim to be made with no nasties and to be full of goodness so that you are putting no harsh chemicals on your skin.
I was really keen to try out the products but I wanted to wait until my skin went through its routine bad patch. Cue this weekend when I broke out in a load of spots around my chin which is always my problem area. With the weather getting a bit colder also my skin was feeling drier than usual.

I started out with this FC5 Invigorating Body Cleanser; really soft and hardly any scent which was nice and it gave me that clean feeling. I only needed the tiniest squeeze which easily lathered up and spread over my body. I can't say that it intensely hydrated me first time round but after continual use I have found my skin feeling soft.
The FC5 Conditioning Body Moisturiser added a really nice layer which quickly soaked into the skin. A very light scent, hardly anything, which is nice sometimes.
These were lovely to use but I feel the results I got from these are slightly underwhelming to what I experienced with the Calm Face set.

The Calm face set was where I was most pleased. I had a lot of redness and swollen skin on the evening that I first started using these. I removed my makeup and cleaned my skin with my usual face wash, then I went on the cleanse with this set. Again, these are not heavily scented. A little goes a long way, it really does and I found that they sank into the skin nicely and didn't leave me feeling like I had stuff on my skin; no greasy after feeling. With the cleanser, face serum, eye gel and moisturiser I applied all following the directions and went to bed. The next morning I was so pleased with the reduction of red sore spots and I felt that the products had genuinely worked. That day I went without make up after repeating the routine in the morning. Come inspection that evening before repeating the same routine my spots had completely decreased in size and colour. Something that could take up to a week to clear had gone near 2 days. 
This was a really amazingly pleasing result. 

The make up primer is also a wonderful product. It glides onto the skin so smoothly and creates the perfect base for my foundation. I also felt that it put a healthy layer between my skin and my make up giving it a bit more protection.

It is always hard trying to sell a skin product as I find it hard to get across the feeling that your skin gets. I didn't know much about Arbonne before Jenny contacted me about it but having tested it out I am so pleased with the results. 
If you fancy talking about your skin or trying out some products contact Jenny and she will be happy to help you.

Visit her website HERE.
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