Sunday, 31 January 2016

When does becoming a mother hit you?

Sometimes a job becomes a job: you go to work, do what you need to do, go home, eat then head off to bed. You then wake up and repeat the process. It becomes a part of you, if you are lucky you enjoy it and every minute is spent just bettering your role. As a parent that also becomes a job, from the get go the woman is the main carer, her body a vessel, then a producer of food, then, the washer, cleaner, sorter, organiser, the list is endless. It is a role that naturally forms and it just becomes you. 
What hit me this weekend though is that I am a mother. That sounds ridiculous, I know but it was almost like the role has completely taken over me that I don't even think about what I am doing. We had taken some pictures as a family, and on reflection on them I just couldn't believe it. It was almost like I had blinked and Rob and I suddenly had these 2 humans, walking, talking, these little characters that are ours. And here we are parenting them, loving our job so much that it isn't even defined as a role, it is who we are. We are a mother and father, it's like we have never been anything other. 
I think it isn't often we get a picture all together, that seems ridiculous having this blog, but I am always taking the photos so one of us is always out of the picture. Just seeing us together and seeing how the children are now, no comforters and nothing needed for a distraction just showed me that they have suddenly grown up and that each day is just passing us by without me working as anything other than their mother. 
It was just a funny moment that I thought I would share with you, this weekend my realisation I was a mother hit!


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