Thursday, 7 January 2016

Mama's Blooms Newsletter Edition 2

Can you believe it? Christmas trees down, spruce garlands away, everything from the last month ending up in the green bin. It's the way of nature. I have loved having the fresh greenery in our house and to be honest, the tree is still up! Only until the weekend though! It is now time to clean and freshen and bring a bit of light into the house.
Sharing your blooms pictures really brightens people's days. I love that feeling that fresh flowers bring you and it is so nice to start sneaking in spring flowers into your home. And I mean sneaking, I don't agree with buying non-seasonal flowers and it is really a tad too soon for tulips, but these pink ones caught me on a weak day!!
That said, I am so pleased I got them as they have just made the house gorgeous!

Bright white home
I find when you are at a loss as to what to do in your house as far as accessorising goes there is a lot to be said for flowers. I have worked my whole mantle piece around having a vase of flowers. I knew I wanted just white and I knew I wanted it to be fresh, long lasting and something that was easy to achieve. I got 2 £3 bunches of crysanths from Waitrose and they have filled in my pot perfectly.

The simplicity of it makes it just the thing to bring into the home for a winter white look. 
Obviously scratch that on the pink tulips!! But still, pretty perfect!

Wise words about flowers
My parents own a florists in the heart of the city and my mum writes a little blog for it. I wanted to share what she has written about Snowdrops as I just love them!

"One of the earliest signs of spring is the lovely welcome appearance of that delicate dainty flower, the snowdrop. I love these little flowers with their lovely crisp white and soft green tones. Snowdrops begin to push their way up through the frozen earth when the weather is still very wintery. Not for no reason are they called "perce-neige" by the French and snow pierces in parts of the U.K.
One of the other lovely things about this flower is the other names it bears. February Fairmaids, Candlemas Bells, Mary's Taper and Dingle Dangle.
There is a lovely legend that says the snowdrops were created by an angel to comfort Adam and Eve during a snowstorm. Adam and Eve had been expelled from the garden of Eden and were really struggling with the harsh winter, an angel appeared and as the snowflakes fell he caught them and they were transformed into snowdrops which he gave to Eve to reassure her that spring would return... A charming thought!
Not all people were happy with these little beauties, the Victorians believed that the flower resembled a corpse wrapped in a shroud and would not bring them into the house. I cannot see it myself and I love to have these beautiful, delicate flowers in my home. Little vases dotted around with these frilly little maids in just make my heart smile. With very little choice in the garden they are a welcome reminder that winter will pass and those warm breezy days of spring will return!"

New Year's wreath

I find that one of the most depressing things about clearing up from Christmas is taking your door wreath down. I just love having it up and when it comes to removing it there is nothing sadder than closing a bare door! To combat it I have made the easiest Pussy Willow wreath that can happily take its place!

This is such a simple method for a lovely wreath so grab some willow and have a go!

First you need about 8 lengths of willow. Grasp them together in your hand.

Holding on at the bottom of your stems pull 4 branches over and down until you can grasp them with the hand holding the base.

Now repeat on the other side crossing the tips over as you bring them down. That will create the pretty crossover. Now tie it as tight as possible with string.

Then to secure the branches, tie around the top of the heart shape to keep the branches from moving.

This completes the shape; see, easy!! You can chop the stems if you want but I think it adds to its rustic charm. Now you can add little extras like fairy lights and ribbon. Obviously it doesn't need it, it is gorgeous as it is!

(Hide the batteries behind the crossover.)

Now hang and enjoy. It will keep on the front door really well but just be careful if your lights are not external ones or have it inside! Just make loads!!

#mamasblooms Instagram Gallery

It is wonderful to see the sharing of images over the Christmas holidays; so many pretty floral arrangements. It is even lovely coming out this side and seeing how, like me, you are freshening up ready to hit out those January blues.
Nanda and I really enjoy working on this project together and it is nice to start the year with such beauty after taking a couple of weeks off to enjoy our families. So thank you for continually joining in.
This selection just caught my eye. I think it is because it represents what I have also tried to do at home. Clean, fresh, flowers to bring calm after the crazy festivities.

Thank you (left to right) @littlemaldod, @justjane17, @rebecca_lou_72, @capturebylucy, @justmypretty, @amyhayden, @lindiespatch_accessories, @s_pierse.

I hope you have enjoyed this month's newsletter. The next issue will be very romance based I am sure, inspiring you with ideas for Valentine's!!

If you fancy seeing more inspiration and hearing about Nanda's homes check out her blog Made of Love and Dust.


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