Sunday, 17 January 2016

Tiny Tea Set For A Little Mother.

When is it that you think about becoming a mother? Or even someone who wants to serve, to give, to act as if you have ones to care for? Etta, has an absolute love for making tea. Not real tea obviously, but she adores playing with a tea set. In fact anything that can represent a cup and anything she can pour is fine enough for her to play with. I have often said to friends and family that she has such a mothers instinct. At 2.5 and only ever having been the baby and not having a baby younger than her in the home, she is completely able to imitate a mother. The way she holds her dolls, right over her shoulder, patting and rocking, whispering "shhhh" into their ears. I watch and find it amazing as she hasn't seen me do it, it is only what she has had done to her. 

It is really amazing to watch her though. This very womanly role comes out, "wan a cup a tea?" Often gets asked as she stands for ages at her little play kitchen spinning a spoon around in a pan. She just loves to serve and it has all become part of her play development. The role of mother comes out at different points in the day, and it is so nice to see.

She has had a few different tea sets, just lovely little cheap ones from the supermarket. I suppose we all start with those but due to her love for playing with them I wanted to get her a special set for Christmas and I fell in love with this Emma Bridgewater one. 

I remember having a beautiful china tea set, which I most definitely didn't appreciate when I was younger but looking back now, and being a mother myself, I can see why my mum wanted me to have it. Each cup was a pale colour with gold edges, and it had a small teapot to match. I looked after it, got it out after school but maybe at the time I just viewed it as a toy, to enjoy the experience with. 

Etta is way too young to be trusted with a china set, under my constant supervision yes she would love it but I wanted her to have the freedom to play by herself. This set is melamine so nice a durable for the drops from a height, of which there have been many! It is small so perfect for her little hands and the print makes it a completely adorable set. Along with the cottage shaped carry box the tea set is perfect for children who want to go on garden adventures or who want to sit under the table playing their own little games. 
What a perfect accompaniment to a girl who is already appearing to run a home.



  1. I bought this for my 2½ year old daughter for Christmas too! It matches my proper China version!

  2. I bought this for my 2½ year old daughter for Christmas too! It matches my proper China version!


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