Monday, 4 January 2016

A Year Of Happiness

Hello dear readers and welcome to 2016! Can you believe it? It seems only 5 minutes ago that it was 2006, how is that 10 years ago?? But here we are, the beginning of a new year and a head filled with thoughts of improvement and planning. 
I hope you all had a peaceful Christmas. I must admit it has been nice taking a couple of weeks off from writing. It can be a good time and it not only gives me a break, but gives Rob a chance to not have to read all the posts and act as teacher correcting all my spelling mistakes. Poor boy, I put him through his paces but I love having him involved in it all! 
We have had a wonderful Christmas and have been able to spend a lot of time at home just playing and chilling out. Raphael got a Scalextric from his Great Grandparents but I am actually a bit unsure who the gift had been really for as Rob also seems to be very much enjoying it. So much so that there has been late night drinking and Scalextric parties had!!
It has just been a wonderful time though so now it's nice to fall back into a routine with school, blogging and work.
As with every start to a new year I try to clear my mind of what has been, it is a fresh start and I do love that feeling of having a whole year ahead to start adventures in. 

With regards to new year's resolutions and so on, I always try to make ones that are not only achievable but also enjoyable. Quitting things is hard so I try to avoid the word 'quit' and just try to plan for accomplishable change. Like eating better, not just for a few months; for ever!! Exercising more and enjoying it. This will roll on from an active end to last year (I have seriously got into Zumba) and a bid to make myself happier. This isn't because I am an unhappy person, but I do get annoyed with certain people. I never say anything because the confrontation won't help, but I need to learn to just leave it and not dwell on things. 
With that thought at the forefront of my mind I asked my mum to get me The Happiness Planner as a Christmas present. This is a beautiful journal and diary that helps you focus more on a positive outlook by inspiring and getting you to write positives and how to change negatives. It is just a companion that makes you recognise and write down the good things that happen in your day allowing you to end the day being grateful rather than sleeping on negative, angry thoughts. 

The journal allows you to plan how to do things that make you happy, discover goals and help you plan to achieve them and also to direct your thinking into a more positive look on challenges.
It is a simple structure that keeps you focused and I hope it will be a lovely way to write down thoughts through the year.

With the space for schedules, to-do lists, space to fill in what you ate, what exercise you did, what made you happy and what you are looking forward to tomorrow. Each page is there ready for you to set your plans and goals in motion. It is almost like keeping a personal diary alongside a real life diary. Blending the two together to keep you happy in work and life, or even just to remind you to think about recognising happy things.
I am so looking forward to using it over the coming year and I hope it encourages me to change and allows me to be more creative and positive in my thinking.

The Happiness Planner is available in a few different forms and is a beautiful product! I am so pleased with the look and feel to it and I am thoroughly enjoying having it in my life.

As far as other plans for the year and blog go, I am just so eager to start sharing thoughts and ideas again and I hope to develop my relationship with writing further so that I can bring more enjoyment to my readers.

Thank you all for your continued support and I hope you have a healthy and happy 2016!


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