Sunday, 31 January 2016

Joining Great Little Trading Company Testing Team 2016

If ever there was a Children's company who would become a dream to work with it would be GLTC. I think just going on their website you can instantly see the quality and feel that what you are buying really will bring your children plenty of happy memories.
Becoming part of their Testing Team means that we will be sharing lots of their products and giving our opinions on them and also showing how we use and style them in our home. 

Last week I wrote a small post about Duvet days which featured a lovely grey stars bedding set, which is one of the nicest patterned beddings I have ever had! Today I want to share with you another beautiful new product that also makes up part of the children's room. 

As Raphael and Giulietta share, we have a very neutral room, grey walls and lovely white painted floor boards and the kids' beds are also white with simple bedding. Like I said, very neutral so it can be quite hard to find matching accessories which are made for children, and with play in mind.

This beautiful clouds rug (we have the medium) is an absolute joy. How beautiful! It is really simple, cream clouds on a grey background, but against our white floor boards it is so fresh and clean. Something clearly intended for a child's room and something so perfect with our theme which has to suit a boy and a girl.

For Raph and Etta this seems to be a winner. It is a very comfortable soft rug which enables them to play; rolling around and pulling quilts and toys down to it. It is a great size for their room also being able to either sit between both beds or even on the side of Raph's which is the side the door opens on to. I felt that it fills the space perfectly and it just has given the room a new look, something a bit more child orientated almost.

I think as far as quality goes I have no worries, your money is being well spent is all I can say!

Why not head over to GLTC and check out their other selection of rugs, which also are a lot more colourful, giving you a diverse choice to suit your homes and tastes. 

We will be sharing lots more from Great Little Trading Co. over the next year and I know you will enjoy reading about their products. If you ever want to shop from our blog just click their GLTC Testing Team badge on the side of the blog and it will take you straight to them.

Hope you like my styling.


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