Sunday, 31 January 2016

Colourful new swimming costumes for us girls!

For the past few years we have taken time out with my family and spent a week in Center Parcs. It is a perfect holiday destination which is only about an hour away from us and offers a beautiful setting for you to escape busy life and feel lost in nature. Having plenty of bike rides is on the cards as well as spending time being active and just being together. Our most popular activity and where we spend most of our time is at the pool. The subtropical swimming paradise is just amazing and for our kids, who adore swimming, it is really the only thing we need to do with them. 
As our children have weekly swimming lessons anyway, I was just at the stage of having to get Etta a new Suit as hers had lost its shape. I always struggled to find really young, child-styled swimsuits, so many are bikinis. Why for a 2 years old, I don't know. Some are one shouldered, again I rolled my eyes and I just can't be doing with anything with Elsa, from Frozen's face all over it; we have a towel and that is enough for her!! My go-to for Etta has always been Boden. I think from the very beginning we have always had swimwear from them and with the coming of the new season styles it was the perfect time to get on and order one. She actually ended up with two as I couldn't decide and I figured that they get so well used with us that it probably made sense. What I didn't plan for was going on the new season women's suits and finding a couple I also liked. Before we knew it we both had 2 new sets to try on!

Our bank balance wasn't too hindered, Boden are brilliant at having discounts on their clothes VERY often so I got these at a great price. I also only ended up only keeping the suit as that was the one Rob liked and he is the only guy I am trying to impress, so I sent to two piece back (it is gorgeous though). 
Once away we were both keen to try out our suits. Etta's are great for little girls, beautifully simple with the cross back, bow detail and gorgeous in pattern and colour. She especially loved the light blue seabirds which is a real bonny print for the summer time. The Delphinium blue striped one really suited her though and I love the acid green top half. The costumes are just lovely and simply girly and offer that beautiful practicality to them.

For me this swimsuit is extremely well fitting and very comfortable. It is pleated across the front giving me full body confidence over my stomach, it also is very snug to get on, almost feeling bonded along the edges, but because it can be strapless this is necessary. I had none of that annoying pulling up going on, it just sat on me perfectly and was so supportive.
This scallop print with ruffle is utterly gorgeous too, I mean wow! What a lovely design print that is something different.

Oh cheeky!!

I really love this design so much that I thought I would share some other pieces in the same print. These different cuts will suit a breadth of body shapes, so many of us can enjoy this gorgeous print! 

Wrap front / Santorini suit / Bikini short / Frill bikini top

I think this is one of the prettiest prints I have seen on swimwear for women. This and blue stripes are up there as my favourite and with the offer of these different styles I really think you will love it too, no matter what your shape, you could also enjoy wearing it! There are more styles on their website including Tankini's and shorts so it might be worth a peak!

Anyway, these suits really ticked all the boxes for Etta and I and every week since we have been enjoying them in swimming lessons too!



  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. The swim suit you bought are very cute and girly and your little girls look like they are having a great time playing in the water and learning to swim. I also like your swimming costume as it has an unusual pattern and looks slightly vintage looking. I hope you continue to enjoy swimming every week.

    Stella Hammond @ Palm City Pools

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