Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The trend I am falling in love with.

It's not often that a fashion trend completely bowls me over. When women first started wearing trainers with jeans and dresses I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I really didn't understand the point when there are so many gorgeous shoe choices available that we would almost just forget to finish an outfit and just pull on something that would only be seen inside gyms.
However as time has moved on I can't help but be drawn to the trend and have fallen so in love with it that I find myself thinking; "Can I wear trainers with a mid-length skirt?" Well according to the powers that be, mainly Anna Wintour, I am sure this is one of the most acceptable ways to now dress. Smart cut trousers, or fancy skirts are given a modern twist for everyday-wear by just teaming with a pair of trainers. 
Unfortunately your battered up, cross country old Reeboks are not what this trend is about. Sleek, clean shaped shoes are what's important. Making a direct split between workout trainers and fashion trainers is important. Making the trainer look sleek and stylish involves them having little wear and looking clean. Thus they are almost being placed on a pedestal next to the likes of Jimmy Choo. I however will probably not be keeping my trainers spotless. With children who seem to constantly stand on my feet; it is not possible. Pushchair scuffs also make my well worn Superga end up on the washing machine, but luckily they come up white and ready to be styled!

This, ladies has seriously got me crushing on the trend. Oversized coats are something that I adore anyway and the more minimal pieces I add to my wardrobe I find I am creating easy outfits that only need a pair of trainers added to them to make them look like they are ready to match all of this stylish-street-fashion.

My Inspiration (pictures via Pintrest)

What do you think? Are you a trainer lover?



  1. Nice outfits :)
    BLOG M&MFASHIONBITES : http://mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr/
    Maria V.

  2. Love your images Emily. I got a pair of Stan smiths last year. They're so comfy & practical for the school run. Can I ask is the sizing true to size in superga's? I have my eye on a pair in the sale from your link but I'm unsure of sizing. Many thanks : )

  3. Hi Juanita, i find they come up a bit big, i am a six and they are a good fit but roomy. I wear them with a fluffy insole in the winter and it meaks them fit perfectly. Xxx Emily

    1. Thanks Emily that's good to know. I'll maybe size down by half a size. Thanks so much xx


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