Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My Style #Mumstyle - Biker Chic

My Style #Mumstyle - Biker Chic

I love wearing black but I am not one to wear it everyday and I do like to pop a bit of colour with it to make a look stand out.
Wearing a leather jacket and leather look trousers is a confident choice for these picture. Leatherette trousers are always going to be tricky to wear unless you are a beanpole as you can find they don't sit properly. I have two pairs of these and some that are leather front and legging backs so they actually stretch better and fit nicely. These are good for this look though and I like the slightly shorter length especially with my henna tattoos. 
My leather jacket is 3 years old and is by Muubaa. Because it is leather it has lasted amazingly and it is still pretty perfect.
My lace and pleat top is just a Primark one which gives me an all black look. Then adding my bright red Matalan scarf really sets off the outfit and gives it a casual air; the heels still make me feel like I have the ready to go out look going on!

Want to steal my style? Click through to the links;
Primark is only available on the high street and that is where my top and heels are from.

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