Sunday, 8 February 2015

Valentine's Marshmallow Lollies - Perfect For Sharing

Valentine's Marshmallow Lollies - Perfect For Sharing

I always find that as soon as I start thinking about a creation, I find inspiration jumping out at me. I have seen this kind of thing done before and last week we went to a birthday party where my friend had topped marshmallows with red coloured chocolate, then little white spots to make toadstools for a woodland themed party. They were so cute that they confirmed my want to use marshmallows to make some more Valentine's  themed treats.

To start: you need some paper straws and marshmallows. These straws are great as lollipop sticks and are nice and stiff so they don't bend under the weight. Kebab skewers also work well.
You need to use some scissors and snip a cross shape in the bottom of the marshmallow and twist the straw in. You will feel it stick. 

Melt your white chocolate and add food colouring to make your desired colour. Have a bowl of sprinkles ready at the side. Once the chocolate is runny then work quickly dipping each lolly in and covering it completely. Due to the hot chocolate, only older children should do this if you want it as a child lead activity; it would just be to dangerous otherwise.
Before you pop the lolly down to set, dip the end straight in the bowl of sprinkles then place straight onto baking paper standing it on the sprinkled end to set.
If you can get them in the fridge then you can do but they set at room temp after an hour or so.

I am so pleased with how these look. They are great for taking into work or to a family meal to share around. They look good but are quite cheap and easy to make and for Valentine's, they look like a bunch of flowers in this jug so may work as an alternative gift for the sweet tooth loved one in your life!

(Disclaimer; I wouldn't eat them all to yourself, that would be silly and you would feel very sick!!!)

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