Monday, 2 February 2015

A Bit Of Pink To Make The Boys Wink!

A Bit Of Pink To Make The Boys Wink!

Recently it appears that I have been picking up bits and pieces and they all seem to have something in common; they are all pink! I suppose once you start with something there is always a colour that you begin to circle around and after all the berries and burgundies that are so popular through the winter, it's nice to go a few shades lighter and enjoy some spring pinks.

One of my favourite recent purchases are these pink loafers from Primark. I saw them hanging them out and grabbed a pair before anyone else. They are so pretty and I cannot wait to wear them when it is less wet! The pink clutch bag was also a Primark purchase. Some of the items they do are so good and simple. This was £6 and to add a pop of colour to any outfit; it is perfect.

My watch isn't a new piece but something that is very special to me as Rob made it. That's right, he works as a watchmaker for a beautiful bespoke and totally English watch company. My H. Pinchbeck watch was made for me for our 3rd wedding anniversary as you are meant to give the gift of leather. So rob had used the leather strap to symbolise this. It is beautiful and the perks of having a husband as a watchmaker means that I can have the strap changed to any colour whenever I want. This is great for customising with multiple outfits. 
I bought two pink hats in the Accessorize sale: one was £3 and one was £2! Ridiculous and they are both so soft and warm. I was really pleased with the shade as well.

My pink Hyacinths were a favourite purchase this week, just so pretty and perfect.

These gorgeous pink shirts are also Primark purchases. The plain baby pink is perfect for pulling on with jeans and the flowers ones are beautiful with trousers or a skirt to add some brightness to your wardrobe.

Even though these other few bits aren't pink they are beautiful and girly and match pink perfectly. 
In fairness they are all from Accessorize again, (I enjoyed their 70% off sale). They always have such beautiful jewellery and I got a few pieces that are neutral enough to mix into everything.

They are some of my new buys, they will probably get on a #mumstyle post soon!

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