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*Love Lincoln* - Lincoln Henna Design by Carys Thomas

*Love Lincoln* - Lincoln Henna Design by Carys Thomas

Stop the press; I have dicovered the most beautiful raw talent in Lincoln. Today I had the privilege of meeting Carys Thomas of Lincoln Henna Design. This young student from Wales has set up her own little business here in Lincoln whilst studying & specialising in mehndi Henna art. As an artist; Carys's talent amazed me and as a young professional I was struck by how polite and kind she was.

I found Carys through Facebook and having always wanted professional Henna; I was so pleased that she was local. She came round to my house where we sat, chatted, drank lemsips and I watched her work her beautiful magic.

Completely freehand and using natural henna paste Carys has drawn the most beautiful Indian inspired patterns on my feet and hands. I can not get over all of the small details she was able to produce by just siting by my feet and working away.

For me, getting this henna was something that I had wanted to do for ages, and as a blogging feature I thought it would be great to share for locals especially.
I spent ages looking through Pintrest for some ideas and I knew I wanted the more traditional Indian bride style. With a mix of pictures Carys created her own version and one I am so pleased with. 
It's hard when you find people on the internet and you are not too sure of their level of talent; after viewing her Facebook and Instagram accounts I felt confident that she would be good. And boy, I am so pleased.

The only problem with getting Henna in January is that there isn't really anyway of showing it off, but for me and my first time I am happy just twirling round the house and admiring it myself. I will most definitely be getting more done, especially in the summer!

The lovely thing about this Henna is that it is all natural, non-permanent and doesn't damage your skin. In fact it is only on for a couple of weeks before it fades away.
After the initial painting you leave it to dry out. It will start coming off and once it is completely dry, just use a damp cloth to remove the paste. You are then left with a bright orange stain that turns to dark brown over the 2 days following and then just eventually fades off.
It is perfect for a bit of girly fun and I can't wait to watch it develop.
If it is the kind of thing you want for an event; Carys suggests getting it 2 days before so it develops its dark brown colour instead of being bright orange.

For me, this was a great morning, the children were with their grandpa and I was able to relax, sit and watch an artist in full swing.

If you are interested in Henna yourself, click HERE to follow through to Cerys's Facebook page and view her pictures and contact her there.

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