Sunday, 8 February 2015

Valentine's Cakes

Valentine's Cake

This is a really easy method which makes a beautiful looking and tasting cake that will impress your Valentine this February 14th.

This starts with a basic sponge cake. Now you can choose whatever flavour you want: chocolate fudge, lemon, even brownies will work with this.
All you do is make your cake. You can make it in a round tin, but you will only get about 4 hearts out of it so if you want more you might want to bake it in a rectangular tray instead.
Once the cake is cooked and cooled you need to simply use a heart shaped cookie cutter and slice through the cake. If your cake has risen a lot then just use a knife to help cut it down; most cutters should fit.

As I used a plain sponge I wanted to fill it with jam and cream like mini Victoria sponges. 
The decorating is up to you, but I wanted to have a pink icing that trickled all down the edges. You need to make your icing into a thick consistency to help have a solid colour but you need it to also run down the edges. just try it out and if it is too runny; add more icing sugar. 
I did one layer of icing then left it to set and did another so that the cake was covered well and that the colour was really clear.

You could top with sweets or leave them plain. I have added some mixed berry compote to make it nice and fresh with the cream.

A lovely little treat for you to share with loved ones!

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