Sunday, 1 February 2015

J'Adore Le Printemps

J'Adore Le Printemps

I just can't help it. It is so wet outside today that I had to brighten up somehow. So spring has arrived in Chateaux Inmano. 

I fancied a good mantle display change and with bringing a load of flowers home, I needed a pretty place to put them. With the tulips in one of my enamel Garden Trading jugs and some tiny Daffodils in a Jam jar, they centred the design. 

Then using some wooden letters that I had dotted around the house I mismatched the styles and added an E and R next to them. I wanted to keep my Kew Botanical Gardens candle sconces as it is still nice to light the candles on an evening so they stand with new pillar candles on them ready to burn.

And then the final and most gorgeous touch is my cardboard bunting that I picked up from The Range about 2 years ago that reads "J'adore le printemps". Can you guess? "I love springtime".

A lovely fresh display that has spurred me to clean the kitchen as well today so it looks as good as in here!

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