Sunday, 8 February 2015

MDF Wooden Letters

MDF Wooden Letters

Using wooden letters to decorate is one of my favourite home accessories to use.
I find it so symbolic presenting names and initials. For me, our biggest one lets me be proud of our family name. I also love using them in the kids' rooms and through other displays.
I have always made our own too. Well not made; I buy the plain cut out from a company I found via ebay and then have always painted them in the colours I wanted. My favourite are the gold R & E letters as I tried to recreate the vintage pub style letters by painting them black then using sheets of gold leaf over the top.
The thing about these letters is that you can make them suit all homes, all styles and all colour ways; they make for a lovely feature in the home.

This is a link to the company I always use. They have other options and letter styles so if you want to look through their ebay shop, then do. Otherwise, contact the seller directly through the ebay option.

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